guest Reviews

  • Samantha Borgen Avatar
    Samantha Borgen
    7/22/2020 - Google

    Great Range with knowledgeable staff. Appreciate them hosting concealed carry classes.

    Brian Wynne Avatar
    Brian Wynne
    3/01/2021 - Google

    Great staff, nice range, and a decent selection of guns on hand

    Shane 438 Avatar
    Shane 438
    3/07/2018 - Google

    Great selection and a good place to shoot.

  • Barb D Avatar
    Barb D
    3/07/2018 - Google

    Helpful staff. Enjoyed my shoot time with my son. 🙂

    Daniel Caravaca Avatar
    Daniel Caravaca
    3/08/2021 - Google

    Great Enhanced Handgun carry permit class with John and Ryan.

    Carlos the one and only Avatar
    Carlos the one and only
    3/07/2018 - Google

    overpriced on most their selection of handguns Academy or even Smyrna gun beats them on prices but great overall selection of accessories.

  • David Hammond Avatar
    David Hammond
    3/07/2018 - Google

    Great place friendly staff good clean area to shoot

    B_ F_ Avatar
    B_ F_
    2/22/2021 - Google

    We go here all the time. Amazing friendly staff. They are always knowledgeable and helpful. Great place if this is your first time.

    Melanie Mull Avatar
    Melanie Mull
    8/07/2019 - Google

    New owners have remodeled and made several improvements to the store and range. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.


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