Meet Our Instructors

Chris Norville – Director of Training

Chris has always had a passion for shooting, but he realized years ago that there is a huge difference between a gun owner and a trained, proficient shooter. After becoming an instructor during his 24-year career in law enforcement, he realized that many training programs only barely scratch the surface of relevant available information for personal defense. So, he began searching for more knowledge and training and in the process became a perpetual student. Chris has trained and continues to train with some of the best instructors in the industry. He constantly strives to be not only a better shooter but also a better instructor. He believes you can never have too much skill or knowledge when it comes to defending yourself or your loved ones.

  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor – TN P.O.S.T. Commission
  • Simunitions Scenario Instructor – Simunitions
  • Master Instructor – Rangemaster (Tom Givens)
  • Shotgun Instructor – Rangemaster (Tom Givens)
  • Tactical Rifle Instructor – TN Law Enforcement Trainers Association
  • Firearms Instructor – Defense Training International (John Farnam)
  • Tactical Medical Instructor – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Law Enforcement Rangemaster – High Ground Training Group
  • Effective Assistant Instructor – Citizens Safety Academy
  • Basic Pistol Instructor – NRA
  • Chief Range Safety Officer – NRA
  • TN Enhanced Carry Permit Instructor – TN Dept. of Safety
  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor – USCCA
  • OC Instructor – Agile Training and Consulting
  • Refuse to be a Victim – NRA

  • Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement – Massad Ayoob
  • Force Science Certification – Force Science Institute
  • Red Dot Pistol – Modern Samurai Project
  • Pistol Shooting Solutions – Gabe White
  • Unthinkable – Aprill Risk Consulting
  • Handgun Employment – Sentinel Concepts
  • Red Dot Defensive Pistol – Sage Dynamics
  • Handgun Accuracy – Tatiana Whitlock
  • Hemorrhage Arrest – Civilian Defender
  • Glock Armorer – Glock
  • AR Armorer – Windham Weaponry
  • 870 Armorer – Remington
  • And many more

Ryan McCann – Instructor

Ryan first started shooting at eleven years old for his Hunter Safety certification. As best he can recall, this was the first activity for which any adult told him he had a natural talent. He’s been chasing that feeling and honing that talent ever since. Ryan has extensive experience in combat sports that involve rolling around with other sweaty dudes on the ground and punching and kicking things until his whole body hurts. He was an armed courier in the Middle Tennessee area for most of his twenties until he got tired of people telling him he couldn’t grow his hair out or have a beard. He’s a serial trainer, a shooting sports competitor, and a pistol coach who is trying his best to avoid having a regular grown-up job. Most of Ryan’s deepest and most meaningful relationships have come from the combat sports and defense training world, so sharing that world with new students is intensely fulfilling for him. He specializes in using the bumpy things on top of the gun to reliably make holes appear where you want them to on B8 targets.

  • Pistol Instructor – NRA
  • Rifle – Instructor – NRA
  • CCW Instructor – NRA
  • Chief Range Safety Officer – NRA
  • Advanced Instructor – Rangemaster (Tom Givens)
  • Tennessee Enhanced Carry Permit Instructor – TN Dept. of Safety
  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals – USCCA
  • OC Instructor – Agile Training and Consulting

  • Hemorrhage Arrest – Civilian Defender
  • Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement – Massad Ayoob
  • Incredibly Average Amateur Boxer
  • Steel Challenge Competitor
  • Tied for first place in the preliminary round of the 2019 Rangemaster Polite Society Pistol Match (one of only four shooters out of 135 to achieve a perfect score)

I’m a housewife, mother, and running enthusiast who started firearms training with a simple desire: to be able to protect myself and my children. As I went along in my journey I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone, that there are a lot of women like me who do not love guns, but feel like they may need them as a tool for survival. I continue to take classes and seek training so that I can become more proficient with my firearm and help women like myself do the same.

  • Pistol Instructor – NRA
  • CCW Instructor – NRA
  • Rifle Instructor – NRA
  • Refuse to Be A Victim – NRA

  • Hemorrhage Arrest – Civilian Defender
  • Range Safety Officer – NRA