Range Questions

No our range is open to the public.

Lane rentals are $23.99 per person. For two people to share a lane the cost is $39.99. A third shooter on the same lane is an additional $10. Lane rentals are also not timed. You may shoot as long as you wish.

For safety only three people can share a lane. Only one person may be in the lane while the gun is being fired.

We highly recommend all new shooters attend our free Firearms Safety Class before any live fire is undertaken. This class covers the Fundamental Firearms Safety rules as well as how a firearm functions. This provides new shooters with a base of knowledge to proceed safely. Follow the link below to see our class calendar


Yes. We do have a selections of pistols and long guns available for rent. Firearms rentals are $19.99 each.

Yes. Eye and ear protection is provided with a lane rental if you do not have your own.

All pistol calibers are allowed. Rifles up to .308 are permitted. No armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer rounds are allowed.

Yes. All of our lanes are rated up to .308 rifle. Rifle ammo must be checked to confirm that there are no armor piercing rounds being used on the range. (No Green Tip in 5.56)

Yes. Shotguns are fine to use on the range but only with buckshot or slug loads. There will be no birdshot or light field type load allowed.

Yes. We do allow outside ammunition on the range. Rifle and shotgun ammunition must be checked to make sure it meets our safety guidelines.

All firearms must be in a container prior to entering the store. All long guns must be in a case and pistols must be in a case, bag or holster before you enter the store. All firearms must remain inside its container until it is placed inside the firing booth on the range.

Drawing from a holster on the range is prohibited unless you have been approved to do so by one of our instructors.

Children 10 or older may shoot on the range under direct parental supervision.

Not at all. Our range is available on a first come first serve basis. We do recommend if you have a large group to call and check on availability. If the range is busy and there is a waitlist, members automatically go to the top of the list.

Absolutely. We encourage people to record and share photos of their experiences with us. For safety however, the photos must be taken by someone other than the person who is actively shooting. You can have a firearm in your hands or a phone but not both at the same time.

Retail Questions

Sunday 12PM–6PM
Monday 9AM–8PM
Tuesday 9AM–8PM
Wednesday 9AM–8PM
Thursday 9AM-8PM
Friday 9AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–8PM

We do list some of our firearms for auction on Gunbroker but we do not do any other online shopping.

Yes. If you are purchasing a handgun it will have to be shipped to the FFL of your choosing in your home state to complete the transfer process.

For a long gun, we can complete the transfer at the time of sale, but we must follow the laws of your home state such as wait times.

We submit the background check to the TBI and we will generally receive an answer in a very short time, usually a few minutes.

Yes. If you buy a firearm from somewhere other than our store, such as an online auction, just let the seller know that we are your dealer and they will send it to us. If they need a copy of our FFL, have them email us at sales@ontargetshootingsports.com

For nonmembers the transfer is $40 plus $10 for the background check. For members the transfer fee is $25 plus the $10 for the background check.

As a general rule we do not buy used guns. We do on occasion take in guns that are highly desirable or collectible. We also sometimes take in used guns as a trade towards a new purchase. Feel free to come in and speak to one of our sales associates.

All firearms must be inside a case, bag, box or holster before entering the store. If you have a firearm that you need assistance with, such as repair work or questions about an accessory, please ask a sales associate and the associate can remove the firearm from its container if that is required.

We have bags and boxes for you to borrow. Please come into the store and a sales associate will provide you with a suitable container for your firearm.

No. Carry guns need to remain in your holster at all times. If you need help looking for an accessory for your firearm please see a sales associate for assistance.

For safety, we ask that all firearms be pointed at the floor while being examined.

No. Firearms for sale are not to be disassembled. If you have questions, please ask a sales associate.

Firearms and ammunition can not be returned. Firearms must be returned to the manufacturer for repair if there is a problem. We will be glad to assist in this process but we can not give refunds on firearms once they leave the store.

For refunds on regular merchandise, it must be returned in the original packaging with the original receipt.